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P.O. Box 56
West Perth 6872
Tel 0413 782 946

Welcome to Whisson Lake


Whisson Lake is a five-hectare Pinot Noir vineyard in the Piccadilly Valley of the Adelaide Hills. We are a terroir-focused winery and believe fundamentally that where you are is who you are.

This is where we are:


click here or on the image above because WHERE you are is WHO you are!

What is terroir? Terroir is the French term given to the sum total of a particular site's geology, aspect, soil type, macroclimate, miroclimate and microbiology. For a vineyard to produce superlative wines, the grape variety must be chosen with care to match the site. Our site, we believe, is a world-class position for Pinot Noir and that is all we produce. We respect the integrity of our site and our grapes and produce wines that are a pure reflection of our terroir.

To learn more about terroir and why is it important for Australia, no one says it better than British journalist Andrew Jefford. Click here to go to the live audio recording of a speech given in December 2009 by Jefford; the full text is also available at under the title 'Falling in Love Again'.

To learn more about the general terroir of the Piccadilly Valley click on the label image below:

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