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News From Our Adelaide Hills Vineyard & Winery

Our seasonal newsletters take you behind the scenes of our small-batch winery – and offer you first look at all our wines as we release them. You can join our mailing list here.

Seasonal newsletter archive

Winter 2024

  • Three new-release Pinot Noirs have hit our online shop: the 2020 Monopole Pinot Noir (our most premium wine, with only 320 bottles made), 2021 White Label Pinot Noir and 2022 Black Label Pinot Noir.

  • Just 400 bottles of the 2021 White Label Pinot Noir are available (no Monopole was made during this vintage, so our highest-quality grapes are inside this White Lable), so be quick to avoid missing out.

  • Tom Kline from Wine Pilot recently reviewed our three new releases. He gave our 2020 Monopole 96+ points, our 2021 White Label 95 points, and our 2022 Black Label 93 points. 

  • Our Pinots are now being sold by Langtons – one of Australia's most prestigious fine wine merchants.

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Autumn 2024

  • Andrie will be a Pioneering Pinot Masterclass panellist during the internationally acclaimed Tasting Australia food and wine festival. We’d love to see you at the festival on Saturday 11 May at 6pm.

  • According to the Adelaide Advertiser, Nigella Lawson recently enjoyed a bottle of Whisson Lake Pinot at Fugazzi Bar, paired with a tomahawk steak. Yum!

  • Our current-release wines are almost sold out. Only 50 bottles of our 2019 Monopole and 100 bottles of our 2020 White Label remain.

  • New release wines will be coming in June, so keep an eye on our socials and subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out.

Read the newsletter here.

Summer 2023/2024

  • Later this year, a royal winemaker and viticulturist from Liechtenstein will spend 4 to 5 weeks working and learning about our traditional Burgundian approach to winemaking.

  • We only have 100 bottles remaining of our 2019 Monopole. This is our most premium label and comes from 38-year-old unirrigated vines.

  • Our 2020 Le Gris de Noir was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Christmas drinks gift guide. We now only have six bottles left if you’re keen to try it.

  • An unusually cold and wet summer has impacted fruit set on our vines. We’re anticipating very low yields for our 2024 vintage.

Read the newsletter here.

Spring 2023

  • Now’s the time to order for Christmas! Two of our latest release wines are almost sold out and a third new release is perfect for drinking now. 

  • Sales for our 2020 Le Gris de Noir and our 2021 Black Label Pinot Noir have been exceptional – we have 54 bottles of Le Gris de Noir left, and only 38 bottles of our Black Label.

  • After a few years in the cellar, our 2020 White Label Pinot Noir is drinking very nicely. The flavours and texture have integrated and are working harmoniously together. We definitely recommend snapping up a bottle or two for the Christmas table.

Read the newsletter here.

Winter 2023

  • We’ve released two brand new wines: the 2020 White Label Pinot Noir (our favourite vintage since 2012!) and our 2021 Black Label Pinot Noir. 

  • The 2023 vintage is now complete for the most part. It’s the biggest vintage we’ve ever made without the help of an in-house winemaker.

  • Join us for a Pinot + Porcini dinner at Fourth Hill Providore this month. Featuring four mouthwatering courses, the meals are paired with our wines and include local porcini.

Read the newsletter here.

Autumn 2023

  • To celebrate our 35th anniversary, we’ve searched our cellar and released a very special museum wine: our 2012 White Label Pinot Noir. It’s looking sensational. Only 250 bottles left!

  • Our 2021 vintages have been sent off for bottling. Keep an eye out for their release in the June newsletter.

  • A cool summer meant the winery took a while to warm up enough to heat our 2022 barrels, but these wines are now through malo fermentation — finally.

  • The cool and dry season has delayed grape ripening. They've only started to hit veraison now — about three or four weeks later than average.

Read the newsletter here.

Summer 2022/2023

  • A delayed summer has also meant delays on our vines – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We're predicting a 2023 vintage with slightly bitter tannins, bright colour and a finer acid.

  • We’ve tasted our 2021 vintage and are ready for bottling. We won’t produce a Monopole label from our 2021 harvest, but our White Label is looking very special. 

  • We’ll also be bottling our 2022 Le Gris de Noir soon. Look out for updates on the release date.

Read the newsletter here.

December 2022

  • Our top-quality 2019 Monopole Pinot Noir is now released – only 340 bottles were produced. And, our 2018 Monopole is almost sold out, with only 10 bottles left.

  • Monopole is our most premium Pinot Noir wine. Produced from unirrigated 25-year-old vines, the resulting very low yields give our Monopole concentration, structure and the ability to age for 15+ years.

  • In the vineyard, we've had our wettest winter and spring since 1982! This has delayed flowering on our vines, but we’re hoping for excellent fruit quality for the 2023 vintage.


Read the newsletter here.

Spring 2022

  • The three new wines we released in June are selling fast — in fact, the 2020 Black Label Pinot Noir is already sold out!

  • We’ve finished converting our old vineyard from spur to cane pruning. This technique will create fewer leaves and bigger grape bunches with better sunlight exposure — excellent for wine quality.

  • Our dam filled and overflowed three times this winter, meaning our ground water supplies are replenished, the grasses in our vineyard are healthy and Whisson Lake is ready for warmer months and another beautiful harvest.

Read the newsletter here.

Winter 2022

  • Three new wines released for you, including our favourite vintage of Le Gris de Noir so far (a white wine made from Pinot grapes), plus a 2019 White Label Pinot Noir and a 2020 Black Label Pinot Noir.

  • We’ve finished our 2022 vintage — the largest amount of wine we’ve made since 2011, as we’re now keeping most of what we grow instead of selling it to other winemakers.

  • Our predictions for the 2022 vintage? A slightly lower alcohol percentage and some fine and delicate flavours, with fantastic colours and amazing tannins.

Read the newsletter here.

Autumn 2022​​

  • We’re full-steam-ahead into our busiest time of the year, as the annual grape harvest begins while we also send our 2020 wines off to be bottled.

  • A new mini film has just been released, telling the story of Whisson Lake! It beautifully showcases our steep vineyard and low-impact approach to winemaking.

  • We dived into our museum stock and released a 2012 White Label Pinot Noir – after 10 years in the bottle, it is approaching its peak.

Read the newsletter here.

Summer 2021/2022

  • Our tiny business goes national with an exciting new distribution deal.

  • Barrel tasting of our 2020 wines confirms we will release a 2020 Monopole (our most premium Pinot), hooray!

  • A cool start to the season has delayed flowering, with the cooler weather likely to result in lighter-colour wines with savoury notes and a very elegant flavour.

  • We've converted more of 36-year-old spur pruned vines to cane pruning – an expensive and slow process that will yield improved vine health, longevity and grape quality.


Read the newsletter here.

Spring 2021

  • We release two delicious single-barrel Monopole Pinot Noir wines to you - one from 2017 and the other from 2018.

  • Our recent Pinot Masterclass and four-course lunch at Stem Bar and Restaurant was such fun – thanks to all who came along.

  • Our vines are some of the oldest in the region (they were planted in 1985), so we’ve been busy fixing trellis posts and renewing our vine's cordons.

Read the newsletter here.

Winter 2021

  • Limited cases of our 2019 Black Label Pinot Noir and 2018 White Label Pinot Noir released for you to taste.

  • Our 2021 grape harvest is finally complete – now it’s time to make the wine (using wild ferments, as always).

  • In the name of research, we've grafted an experimental Pinot clone onto some of our existing vines. (Which clone exactly? That's top-secret for now...)

Read the newsletter here.

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